• Blown film extrusion
  • Cast film extrusion
  • Plastic sheets and pipes extrusion
  • Cable insulation materials and sheath materials.
  • Color master batch
  • PC compounding
  • Thermoplastics resins
Worldwide Clients

Shanghai Lanpoly Polymer Technology Co. is one of China’s leading suppliers of high quality fluoropolymers. We serve customers in the fields of wire and cable, pipe, cast film, blown film, masterbatch, wire drawing, and electronics production. After years of development, we now hold a majority share of the market in China and many parts of Asia. Our products are sold in more than 20 countries and regions around the world and we have earned a reputation for quality.

  • 4Four major types of fluoropolymers
  • 25Develop 25 grades
  • 1200Customers
  • 6200MTManufacturing capacity per year